mercredi 6 juillet 2011

Declaration of the People’s Congress - April 2011 number 21

Declaration of the People’s Congress - April 2011  number 21

As DELEGATES of the PEOPLE'S CONGRESS elected directly and democratically by a transnational electorate spread over more than 100 countries,
that the 20 Declarations adopted by the People’s Congress from 1972 to 1982 dealing with problems and issues related to nuclear energy, world oceans, disarmament, drinking water, multinational firms, refugees, environment, world population, food, energy and raw materials etc.  are all unfortunately still accurate today.
that if some Declarations need to be modernized in their formulation (statistics, new data and new vocabulary) their content  and the challenges facing humanity have not really changed  during the last three decades: in 2011, a billion people suffer from hunger, the reduction of biodiversity is accelerating, pollution contaminates water, air and earth, nuclear energy demonstrates its highly dangerous characteristics for both our generation and the coming ones , desertification gains ground every day, civil wars and terrorism drown the planet in blood; and human rights continue to be flouted etc.etc.
In addition, a scourge,  that no solution has been able to eradicate, has been added: global warming, whose short term consequences also threaten all of  humanity.
More than ever that only the creation of World Institutions with limited but real supranational power will enable us to resolve in a sustainable way these problems which threaten the very existence and the survival of humanity.
In order for these Institutions to be created as soon as possible:
All of the inhabitants of the planet to join this world movement, the only movement able to federate all of the citizens of the world whatever their political, philosophical or religious convictions are:
To become part of this movement that can be defined  in one sentence
“To any world problem, there is a world solution”

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