jeudi 10 novembre 2011

changements climatiques: ça avance

Depuis, 1 semaine, il y a du nouveau sur le plan de la prise en compte du changement climatique.
De nouveaux pays s'y sont mis. Le changement climatique commence à être pris au sérieux même par des partis émergents. 

On 4th November, eight more countries, backed by the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs), take big steps to address climate change. India’s plans for  $775 million in support of a national action plan on climate change were endorsed. A week of meetings among countries participating in the CIFs has resulted in more than $1 billion committed to solving 
the problems of climate change. On 4th November, the Climate Investment Funds approved $ 1.08 billion in near-zero-interest loans and grants to support Bolivia, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Lao PDR, Mali, Mexico, and Nepal in their efforts toward arresting and adapting to climate change.

For more information on the CIFs itself, go to
You can also go to "Climate Funds Update", an independent website that provides information on the growing number of international climate finance initiatives designed to help developing countries address the challenges of climate change:

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